merry christmas, dont settle in 2015!


Here’s to all of our prep leaders, survivors, shooters, police officer’s, fire fighters, war fighters and citizens who recognize the United States Constitution, The Bill Of Rights, that a strong military ensures peace, timid leaders ensure decline, politicians can’t fix anything but an election, the ballot box no longer enables hope or change, the economy is paper thin, sustainability drives confidence, preparedness reduces stress, a single malt, cigar and my SCAR is a great way to unwind, so is a beer, some peanuts and a bullpupped 870, organizing ammo feels as good as stacking food, reducing the cost of living drives inspiration, learning a new tradecraft will add days to my life, teaching my kids adds generations to my legacy, out thinking your advisary will reduce violence, zero hesitancy to shoot will help you to continue to outthink your advisary…


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