cyber vandalism?

Did I hear right? The President classified the Sony hack as a “vandalism”? A $40,000,000.00 vandalism?  That’s got to be a DOJ record.  So now US Corporations have to endure this type of attack?  Could it have to do with our inability to challenge nuclear rogue nations?  If this was somehow, Iraq or Afghanistan, we’d drop bombs and let 22 year olds practice piloting drones from class. But not for those countries who would actually lay waste to hundreds of thousands of people inside a half hour. I’m glad we will let this pass with a new term, “Cyber Vandalism”, it would not be measured to cause a DMZ debacle.  Let Sony pick up their own pieces. Besides, they were the ones who declined to rebuild their cyber defenses last year at the request of FBI cyber experts.  Chicken’s came home…


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