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[Infograph] Emergency Comm Devices Explained



By Tess Pennington – Ready Nutrition

Consider, for a moment, what our lives would be like without access to communication channels telling us what is going on? How vulnerable would we feel not getting our daily dose of local, and world news? For that matter, how would we get in touch with loved ones to let them know how we are?

Having emergency communication devices will provide you with contact to the outside world, as well as help you ensure you have a way of letting family and friends know you are alright. Moreover, these key prepping supplies can also allow you to make critical decisions based on unfolding events that are happening around you. Choosing the proper communication device is a big decision and completely dependable on your location and type of disaster.

This infograph is great way to decide which comm device is good for you.

(click on the image…

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Gun Review: Remington 870

And please check out the bullpup conversion kit for the 870!




By Nick Leghorn The Truth About Guns

The Remington 870 shotgun. If anyone can think of a more iconic scattergun let me know, because I’m pretty sure this is the tops. Star of stage and screen and gracing the gun safe of just about every gun owner in the United States, it’s a familiar sight on the range and in the field. But somehow, we here at TTAG have never reviewed the gun before. So seeing the opportunity to fill a hole in our repertoire, as well as an opportunity to find out if Freedom Group had ruined yet another iconic American firearm, we bought one from an online retailer and tested it out . . .

This model is the very cheapest version we could find, figuring that if there are any cracks starting to show in the old girl, they’d be most apparent in the lower-end…

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shtf functionality test-drones


These little aircraft puckering devices have revolutionized aerial video production.  Since they are battery driven, would it be possible to use for aerial surveillance when the SHTF?  Clearly we use drones in a military setting but what about the endless consumer models that keep adding range and altitude as prices keep dropping? From a homestead perspective, it seems plausible to launch one around the property line or down the main access road to check for intruders but why not strap on a thermal cam and run a fleet of them at night?  If the grid was up, transmitting and viewing would be simple.  Grid down and it would still be executable with a solar set up.  But what about weaponizing?  I can’t see any uses due to weight of possible weapon attachment, can you?