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the discretionary bag


There is nothing cooler and expensive than a well stocked bug out bag. But, as I continue to learn this prepping craft, I don’t see priority in the bug out concept.  I understand it from the, “I’m single living in an apartment in Burbank, CA”, but not from the mission of “bugging in”. The second coolest pack-crack is the “everyday carry” or EDC.  Here’s my problem with the EDC, I can’t stroll into a corporate environment everyday with an olive drab EDC and continue to get paid. Does this mean I’m out of the prepper culture? Somehow, I’ve just revealed I’m the antithesis of a prepper but still believe that the end is near and preparedness is the only insurance policy that will actually payout when the SHTF. Ironic because I’ve been paying into massive insurance policies for decades and probably won’t see it secure my family. Finger’s still crossed for retirement accounts!

I want to share my hybrid idea of personal functionality called a, “Discretionary Bag”.  The DB is a fully functional EDC but not carried everyday.  First, admission, I have already strategically relocated my immediate family to an optimal zone so some luxuries I’m afforded. I don’t need an EDC. I have designed my DB as something I grab when:

  • I’m going to be farther away from base than 10 miles
  • Uncertainty in daily Intel exists
  • I’m visiting a community event or location where people congregate
  • Severe weather is expected
  • Hair on my neck is up
  • Someone reported seeing a zombie

I won’t bore you with the norms like multi-tools, knives, a compact firearm and band aids, but I will share that my DB is more tech than weaponized. Some of the items I count on are:

  • Bland tablet to hack into any WiFi network I can find
  • Designed radio to ping my tribe leaders and geo locate each other
  • Stored power for all tech assets
  • Secured emergency channels to patch into regional Intel nodes
  • An MP3 player loaded with Led Zepplin II, headphones and a joint.

The last item is in case my DB has failed me and the zombies are closing in. I will be enjoying the best record ever produced with that joint lit when the final blow hits me.


[Infograph] Emergency Comm Devices Explained



By Tess Pennington – Ready Nutrition

Consider, for a moment, what our lives would be like without access to communication channels telling us what is going on? How vulnerable would we feel not getting our daily dose of local, and world news? For that matter, how would we get in touch with loved ones to let them know how we are?

Having emergency communication devices will provide you with contact to the outside world, as well as help you ensure you have a way of letting family and friends know you are alright. Moreover, these key prepping supplies can also allow you to make critical decisions based on unfolding events that are happening around you. Choosing the proper communication device is a big decision and completely dependable on your location and type of disaster.

This infograph is great way to decide which comm device is good for you.

(click on the image…

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Apocalypse-wallpaper-of-cityTwo months ago I had no idea what preparedness meant even in the framework of FEMA guidelines.  47 years of living on the Loma Prietal fault line and not even a gallon of stored water. When we moved to the country in middle USA, I literally woke up one day and wondered what I would say to my kids if it all went south and I had no answers except to call the government. It was weird.  I have learned so much from the preparedness community in two months. Not an expert, not familiar with an actual event but I have answers and a plan now.  Our food, water, shelter, defense, bug in, bug out, comms, and medicine acquisition is underway.  We feel significantly more confident, we understand the most likely threats to our nation and out of near blind luck, live in a prime location for an increased chance of long term survival. Thanks freaks!

how far is too far?

Wv-heavenly-sunset-farm-scene_-_Virginia_-_ForestWanderI’ve been enamored lately with those who have purchased land somewhere to escape to when the structures they’re currently living in become endangered or worse, penetrated. I’ve never gotten through an entire episode of Doomsday Peppers because it’s horribly written and produced but I did watch long enough once to see a rich dude spend $2M on an escape property. Really?  What I found curious is that he was 300 miles from it in a major metro area.  Would it even be possible to make it there?  Considering gridlock would take its toll on most within 60 miles of any major population, I don’t find it reasonable to complete this mission when having to travel this distance.  What is a reasonable distance to strategically relocate in our predefined evac plan?  If you live in Los Angeles can you make Victorville?  From a primary residence in Atlanta, can you safely make it to the bush of Northern Florida?  I realize from those locations you will have few options but to load the team (prepper for family) and ram the F250 down the shoulders until you reach the remote fortress but what is realistic and of advantage to us?