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whole lotta talk


Prep news today filled with economic doom. So easy for us to predict and criticize the sheeple, but few of the columnists can address leadership of the masses in these last days.  I love the constant reminder that those who are unable or unwilling to prepare financially are somehow more ignorant than us.  A couple of thoughts for the arrogant:

  • There are tens of millions of Americans who cannot financially prepare for a collapse.
  • There are tens of millions more who could but choose not to.
  • This population of sheep drive the debt narrative and will until someone actually blinks.
  • That blink is likely 5-7 years out unless China’s house of cards falls first. (it might)
  • The fake math can realistically endure for quite a while. The deficit is irrelevant as a solve issue.
  • Consider that when the puppeteers run out of speculation and the first card falls, all you folk who think your financial product or buried colloidal silver will secure you or even help you are gravely mistaken.

The government has never been the problem, people are. The government is a symptom of mankinds progressive disease.

Take a break from the counter-speculation and buy ammo.


dog eats tail

We Are The Expendables!

Our corporate culture is so ambitious that it would actually replace humans with robots if it saved cost and increased profitability. So, let’s ponder just manufacturing transitioning from low wage worker to robot that annualized in a way to drive Human cost down and the efficiency frontier up.  If I’m company A, a powerful, large company, publicly traded; a capital expenditure that is not humans is good.  What I require as CEO or BOD is “first to market”.  My advantage is speed to implement, driving cost down in relation to my competitors.  If I win, huge speculative stock binge. But, competition in America is as formidable as any enemy in any battlefield. At best, only quarters will pass before the rest of the market segment dumps everything into the same cyborg futures. But what of the worker just replaced by, “Annie”??

Some of them will be graciously allowed to demote to a call center or tech line to, holy shit, repair mis-firing “Annie’s” who have fallen off the corporate delivery goal.  The CEO’s know this but can’t be reached for comment because they just started the back nine at a course that is piloting robot caddies to improve profitability.  My question is, if you drive the middle and lower class out of payroll, who will buy your product or service derived by this ingenious notion?   Wait, I just realized, “Annie” has a slut sister named, “Alexis” who is a robot sex doll-American laid off worker ok with the transition…


imprisoned by education


Another sign of the times as our colleges get more and provide less. Skewed. Give us $100k and we will give you $40k placement like the rest of our graduates.  What a crock of shit! And why would any education loan be high interest? This country can print a trillion dollars but it can’t educate its next generation unless they get 20% APR?  It must be beyond my ability to understand because I cant. I wonder if corporations will advance into robotics, replacing the entry level, post graduate position to drive stock and profitability?  I hope so.  If we can get 200,000,000 unemployed it will be easier to rob the pension funds out of necessity. Unemployed+retirees? Now that’s a powder keg!


mcDonalds and the millennials

millennial-consumers-engaged-optimistic-charitable-study--0097218000With all the minimum wage protesting happening around the fast food space, it has caused me to wonder about McDonald’s.  Arguably the pinnacle of branding and quality control in our lifetime, the chain has begun to suffer with customer service and quality control as pressure mounts to pay their employees more. But is one the product of the other?  At the American entry level job position you have three choices in your talent pool:

  • Non citizen workers
  • Broke seniors
  • Millennials

If you thought the middle America teenager is still an option, your mistaken. That demo is in perpetual schooling and debt trying to finance their way to $40k per year.  Let’s take them one at a time:


This group has two hurdles; They don’t want to pay taxes and two, they can’t pass a live scan for employment.  Interesting what amnesty might deliver for those employers who need servant workers who won’t strike or demand livable wages.  With respect to the consumer/customer, this could be positive.


Yuk. Creepy, but at least a sense of pride and generational culture will get them to their first break before their 22 year old boss scolds them for missing a timer alarm.


If you can find one coming out of high school auto shop, it will be tough getting them to care in anyway about your brand. As a matter of social media fact, they will look for every opportunity to “post” something destructive to the brand that pays them not because they hate you rather its their right to communicate freely.  Any notion that pride and quality equals pay is unexplainable to a millennial.  So here sits McDonald’s, my favorite fast food growing up, sickened with workforce decline syndrome. A condition that requires acknowledgement of the symptom not the disease. Rebrand to a lower socio-economic denominator of customer who doesn’t mind the fluctuation of quality, you know, a millennial.

Ah the intangibles of the self…