Based on the last post, which was a reblog from a great writer and a great piece, I started thinking of what was probable or even imminent if the energy issues are true and even mostly accurate. Even if the developed world came to their senses, the under developed world is just coming online, more populous, precariously cultured and most importantly, the last untapped consumers left. Western business will covet at all costs. China and India are the supreme ecommerce (future of all growth business) markets and have the most unreached consumers. Anybody selling anything in mass needs China and India’s consumers. As a percentage (here comes the math), will these future dominating, tech reliant cultures eat more oil than we have factored?

Secondly, oil can’t go beyond a certain price because it would stop the global economy right? It wouldn’t be about a tank of gas to get to work, it would be about planes, semi trucks-all infrastructure in any country. If fossil fuel was like filet mignon, simply priced for only those who could afford it then those who can’t afford it would steal it.  Pretending for a moment that the United States could not afford it, they (we) would definitely steal it.

Finally, who has the biggest guns? My simple mind would answer, anyone with a weaponized nuke. So, won’t those nations get access to the oil hose as a first priority if for no other reason, to prevent a detonation? If so, the rest of the world fades so fast into unimaginable suck that instability will (ok might) creep from a non nuke government to a regime with big flash. Now there are too many people again for the fossil fuel levels of the prior population and… well, again, math.


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