whole lotta talk


Prep news today filled with economic doom. So easy for us to predict and criticize the sheeple, but few of the columnists can address leadership of the masses in these last days.  I love the constant reminder that those who are unable or unwilling to prepare financially are somehow more ignorant than us.  A couple of thoughts for the arrogant:

  • There are tens of millions of Americans who cannot financially prepare for a collapse.
  • There are tens of millions more who could but choose not to.
  • This population of sheep drive the debt narrative and will until someone actually blinks.
  • That blink is likely 5-7 years out unless China’s house of cards falls first. (it might)
  • The fake math can realistically endure for quite a while. The deficit is irrelevant as a solve issue.
  • Consider that when the puppeteers run out of speculation and the first card falls, all you folk who think your financial product or buried colloidal silver will secure you or even help you are gravely mistaken.

The government has never been the problem, people are. The government is a symptom of mankinds progressive disease.

Take a break from the counter-speculation and buy ammo.


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