Do Preppers Honor A Code?


When the big event occurs and tens of thousands are forced to their bug out bags, will you travel with any sort of code of conduct?  If you finally make it out of the death zone and come upon my homestead, will you attack it to gather preps?  It would be ironic to spend all this time on the boards preparing each other only to kill each other for preps.



3 thoughts on “Do Preppers Honor A Code?”

  1. Is this what you mean?
    Survival is not a duty of care for anyone else.
    Survival is proactive and reactive problem solving.
    If you are part of the solution, I will help you.
    If you are part of the problem, look out.
    If I need and can’t get, I will take.
    Survival is looking after ME AND MY OWN.


    1. Yep. Ironic though that we are civilized and “team” oriented while we are not in crisis, then robbing and shooting each other when SHTF. Would expect that and it’s interesting because the most violent contact won’t be from WROL zombies, it might be from the preparedness community itself…

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