snoring sheep


The cyber war finally made it to primetime and it did so only after a B rated movie for millennial’s was pulled from release.  Incredible that we can’t rally as a nation or a people unless we get information in the context of entertainment. Can you imagine how hard it will be for the president to garner support for a response when he can’t point to anything except “experts have reported…”  What is stunning and scary is if we have no response.  A fade from news cycle, unprovable sanctions, or a strong rebuke means the hacker crew and legions like them have more control over us than we have the ability to respond. This hack has set the stage for repeated incidents forthcoming. The competition in the hacker culture is fierce. Credibility now has the main stage. If you have credibility you are like a government with no flag. If you have no credibility yet, you and your group are in overdrive trying to be recognized and that recognition can only come from one-ups-man-ship. Sony is low end, high impact operations. What we have to fear is high end, high impact operations.  As murky as the war on terror has been, hackers and their organizations are impossible to identify if the satisfaction of the American people is needed to indict them.  There are no answers for cyber terrorism other than bombs or sanctions which cause more bombs over time.  Sad part is, this narrative has been a clear and present danger since 2004.  The message has not been heard due to the deafening roar of snoring sheeple. The taking down of the power grid is not about whether they can, its more about unintended consequences if they do.


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