the intangibles

cross of christ built into a brick wall

Ever noticed what we concentrate on these days to define our safety? It used to be things like murder, rape, shootings, stabbings… empirical violations of a Ten Commandment based architecture. Now days it’s about social argument over lifestyle, religion, sexual preference and individual freedom.  There is more inference in the percentage of gay teenagers than dead black Americans in a normal weekend in Chicago.  There is more attention to the Pope’s comments on pedophilia in his own ranks than a wounded vet returning with no legs from the shit hole of the Middle-East. And not because 51% of our population hates vets but they think its ok to suffer from pedophilia.

Race relations appear to be declining and Hollywood will lead the next telethon as they have for so many years to align with race baiting marketeers that may drive more viewers into theaters to see the next Denzel Washington flick. Awkward when white Sony execs get revealed with their white hood off during a 14 year olds hacking session. At least they paid for multiple $25,000 a plate fundraisers for the first black president before being revealed. Maybe the people of Ferguson have a point?

If it is about a position contrary to our founding fathers, its profitable. If it’s about counter-culture, it’s on the red carpet. If it’s about atheists it’s a rally. If its about Christianity, it’s about intolerance. If its about Mormonism, no one cares-why?

As we incrementally die, it’s ironic how progressing away from culture is not progressing at all. Unity becomes self indulgence, self indulgence becomes a mass of humanity who agrees not to agree. Leaders can’t lead because common ground is gone. Standards have become defined by the individual giving rise to concepts like, “everyone is right”  and “no one is wrong”. An insidious predicament.

What’s interesting is the pending train wreck of the progressive having to be rescued by the patriot when it all comes down. It’s like progressives spawned from conservatives and became benefactors of the cultural foundation poured by those who clung to that which is tangible.


2 thoughts on “the intangibles”

  1. Probably correct yet?
    What I think is going on is the loss of sheeple’s ability to think for themselves.
    Ask for a persons opinion nowadays and then internet search their words and 9 out of 10 times it’ll come up as a popular media quote.

    I firmly believe that the patriot will have to save the sheeple YET would the sheeple save that patriot if told not to by the media?

    After all the definition of patriot can easily morph into terrorist in the wrong media hands who in turn are “controlled” by big business aka the government.


    1. Agree, with respect to big business, those with the dollars control those who are elected. Protecting wealth is at the same time protecting “functioning government”. It will be impossible to differentiate. The trifecta of media, wealth and government is in place. There appears to be two sides but they will morph in the near future as dollars become harder to find on the conservative side. Impossible to recover.

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