Apocalypse-wallpaper-of-cityTwo months ago I had no idea what preparedness meant even in the framework of FEMA guidelines.  47 years of living on the Loma Prietal fault line and not even a gallon of stored water. When we moved to the country in middle USA, I literally woke up one day and wondered what I would say to my kids if it all went south and I had no answers except to call the government. It was weird.  I have learned so much from the preparedness community in two months. Not an expert, not familiar with an actual event but I have answers and a plan now.  Our food, water, shelter, defense, bug in, bug out, comms, and medicine acquisition is underway.  We feel significantly more confident, we understand the most likely threats to our nation and out of near blind luck, live in a prime location for an increased chance of long term survival. Thanks freaks!


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