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The Ferguson coverage was as incitful as it was insightful. I prefer the liberal slanted stations because they are easier to understand. Like in a four hour live segment the narrative is “unarmed black man”. What about the robbery that was just committed by said black man?  Wouldn’t that be a better place to start the panel of defense lawyers?  It got worse in New York.  The word, “homicide” used over and over without the offering that most police deadly force cases are ruled, “homicide” as in justifiably committed. Then the word, “Chokehold” AKA, “Carotid Restraint” for the rest of the world, not a “takedown”? Never a peep about probable cause to arrest and then resisting lawful arrest-causing death by_________. Then the narrative that the selling of single sticks (code for black market untaxed cigarettes) is not a significant crime?  A primary source of annual funding specifically in the Burroughs, for Hezbollah and Hamas?  I’m pretty confident a black man selling loose sticks in Staten Island is not terrorism related but the ignorant might want to know the crime is rampant and indicative of significant other societal ills.

Lastly, I can’t help but feel sorry for the big time New York beat reporters who had to walk all that way without the tear gas apocalypse in the background. What a lack-luster event considering they as well as their advertisers were all hoping for violent anarchy.


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