how far is too far?

Wv-heavenly-sunset-farm-scene_-_Virginia_-_ForestWanderI’ve been enamored lately with those who have purchased land somewhere to escape to when the structures they’re currently living in become endangered or worse, penetrated. I’ve never gotten through an entire episode of Doomsday Peppers because it’s horribly written and produced but I did watch long enough once to see a rich dude spend $2M on an escape property. Really?  What I found curious is that he was 300 miles from it in a major metro area.  Would it even be possible to make it there?  Considering gridlock would take its toll on most within 60 miles of any major population, I don’t find it reasonable to complete this mission when having to travel this distance.  What is a reasonable distance to strategically relocate in our predefined evac plan?  If you live in Los Angeles can you make Victorville?  From a primary residence in Atlanta, can you safely make it to the bush of Northern Florida?  I realize from those locations you will have few options but to load the team (prepper for family) and ram the F250 down the shoulders until you reach the remote fortress but what is realistic and of advantage to us?


2 thoughts on “how far is too far?”

  1. It’s interesting to look at those who prep this way.
    They usually leave a base camp of sorts unattended for months at a time.
    Yet what are their chances of reaching their Nirvana? Poor to nil.
    Add CBRN and that could drop to minus nil by staying out in a hostile environment too long, MOPP gear or not.

    Some will argue that they will bug out early.
    Really? they can predict a sudden terrorist attack, a chemical factory explosion, or an earthquake early?

    To bug out is a last resort. To then add mileage to your escape plan foolish.
    If you want a hardened base in the middle of nowhere then move there permanently.
    After all if you leave your family there all week whilst you work, what may happen to them, alone, miles from no where when the bogey man comes a calling.

    Your very transit to and from attracting attention, surveillance, and ultimately attack.

    After all in real life there are monsters roaming round at night and they have no qualms about taking what they want.

    What if they the preppers arrive there having run from disaster to find someone else has moved in?
    After all some spend a lot of time fortifying a base camp to keep people out so what would you do if someone now “owns” your hardened facility.

    It would be a REALLY bad time to find out your security was breeched yet the intruder had carefully maintained the strength you built in to keep you out.

    Especially if CBRN was the reason you ran and it was following you.

    Realistically a remote BOL only works if you live there.
    Early warning is often a myth, and the judgment to bug out taken too late.
    There are just too many variables to cope with the worst being mileage.


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