3d0f796199b535d25a3ecab38e928e8fThe New Prepper #2- supply anxiety can’t be chased with another beer or another gun. I’m not saying either is a bad idea but definitely not sufficient to overcome the mild stress of gathering stuff versus that moment when you realize it’s here and there will be no more preparing.  I’m disciplined in the following manner:

  • I have significant water supply
  • I have growing food supply (first milestone is 90 days for six people)
  • I have heat plan for my geography
  • I have weapons/defense plan
  • I have advanced first aid plan
  • I have bug out protocol

I have stayed focused in this order.  As each category milestone is reached, I will introduce others like fortification (designer of course) of the structures we will use to stay put. Of huge concern is young children. They are oblivious and resilient but in the event, they will be a massive stressor. I hope to get three more years out of my pursuits before it’s time.


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