five factors, two years

predictionStupid to predict stuff but it’s fun and one never knows when critical thinking will pay off.

  • TWO YEARS: By the next presidential election the conditions could trigger team alignment beyond democrat-republican. A revolt like the Tea Party but more significant to instability, potentially problematic for the voting process.  Phrases like, “functioning government”, “freedom curfews”, “alternate destinations” and “enhanced safety zones” will usher in the strangest of government regulations and laws. All in an attempt to protect the sheep and identify the patriot.


  1. STOCK MARKET ADJUSTS- Beyond the daily insider trading occurring at billion dollar levels, a potential 50% reduction in value will cause massive instability in the pension funds triggering major cities to seek bankruptcy protection to relieve the pension burden. Millions will be involuntarily adjusted to accept less or nothing at all.
  2. POWER GRID INCIDENT- Probably not a total fail but something to remind us how vulnerable we are.  If your not living east coast, west coast or Texas you will have to live without consistent power.
  3. PROLONGED CIVIL UNREST- This goes down as the local governments inability or unwillingness to use the appropriate force to quell an uprising. In the transfer to the National Guard, the population of instigators will out number the protection force.  The impotent politicians will not support force to govern, instead they will quarantine zip codes and wait it out. Depending on region, this could cripple the economy.
  4. DECLINE IN THE HOPE INDEX- Like the misery index but worse and more unpredictable, a decline in the hope Americans have relied upon to win wars, stay employed, pay bills, and remain united despite differing cultures and beliefs will increase the schizophrenic outlook we are becoming accustomed to.
  5. PRESS DRIVEN WAR- Not that this is new or unseen but the rampant thought manipulation will incite America to revolt.

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