Big city death

Apocalypse-wallpaper-of-cityI’m wondering out loud, but if you are prepping in say Dallas, and the shit hits the fan, how long do you figure you have before being forced to bug out?  I’ve worked through this in my mind many, many times and can’t figure anyone with any arsenal or food supply will last more than a day at best.  My opinion is based on population surge, the condition of millions of people trying to move away from the population (themselves) or the government wildcard which is locking you in place.  Either way, there are more people than structures, so discovery of you and your supplies is inevitable and for sure inside 72 hours.

I like to walk myself through the first 8 hours of bugging in.  This is the most interesting time.  Remember in  Lone Survivor when Murphy came back from the ridge and whispered to his teammate that “he was about to be contacted”?  Ok, so now that’s you in your living room and 791 freaks are running independant of  each other through your neighborhood looking for either shelter or supplies (probably both). I wouldn’t shoot. I would walk away.  I suppose I could start shooting but to what end?  Remember the infamous Los Angeles bank robbery shoot out?  Reverse that.  Your the two dudes with full auto shouldered weapons and the zombies are the methodical individuals that slowly drive you out of ammo and into the street where they quickly end your prepping career.

So many of us live in the mess of humanity and have no control over this less than advantageous situation.  I’m just wondering if the holy grail of prepping is to know when to leave and where to go to buy some time?


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