The New Prepper.

Very new to prepping. As a matter of fact, I stumbled across the scene while trying to figure out what FEMA regs were on disaster preparedness. Three weeks later, I can’t get off bug out bags and weaponry as the definition of preparedness. Yes, yes, I do see plenty of water and food folks out there in cyber space but the scene seems to be dominated by the notion that a bug out bag, and an arsenal will get me through the most unlikely scenario. Sad part is, I love it! I promise to buy a 5.11 bag, a 1911, multiple AR15’s, a useless WWII gas mask because it screams prepper and fish antibiotics. After dumping $10k into myself, I’m going to work on the rest of my family in case I’m ultimately responsible for them if how do you say…SHTF? But I’ve already confessed, I’m all in!

Trying to figure out what will actually happen is what excites me, not preps. Ironic that if I don’t prep my family and develop a plan before my prediction hits, my “told you so bro…” rant on a two-way radio from Walmart will be short lived-literally.

I’m pretty sure the “combination” can be realized by watching the news cycle. Actually, rephrase, watching the Fed followed by the news cycle makes more sense. So I’m going to do it! I’m going to start to publish what I believe is coming. It’s original and provocative. But I promise to prep the living shit out of my family in between writing!

Welcome me!


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